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Environmental Local Authorities InterBalkan Network - ELAIN

Nowadays, characterized by the predominance of economic issues and the retreat of environmental interest is crucial the role of Local government to restore the environment in focus. On the other hand, the international dimension of local government can contribute in this direction and translate into reality the slogan: "Think global – act local".

Grigoris Gourdomichalis, PESYDAP’s President

Sofia Municipality is the largest municipality with its 6 299.3 km2 which constitute 5.3% of the territory of Bulgaria. The population is about 1.3 million inhabitants. Within the municipality there are 3 towns and 24 villages. As the major transport and communication center of the country, Sofia combines political, cultural and business life.

The quality of environment is a state of environment indicated by physical, chemical, biological, aesthetic and other indicators, while in the sense of development, the more important is a term of the environmental capacity that represents the ability of the environment to absorb certain quantity of pollutants causing no environmental imbalance and irreversible damage.

THE CITY OF EAST SARAJEVO, It is located in central and east part of Bosnia and Herzegovina with population about 90 thousand.

The city of East Sarajevo is unique for its big territory. The City has a lot of natural resources, farmlands, forest lands, potentials for tourism, industrial capacities, human resources, and because all of that East Sarajevo has much more to offer than many other municipalities in wider region. The University of East Sarajevo in following time should become in charge of creating strategic and spatial plans, since this university right now has about 10 000 students.

Mayor’s vision regarding City urban planning and environmental protection, as well as opinion on cooperation in the project "ELAIN"

Our presents as well as our future are determined by the global challenges, and answer to them is existence of its own vision.

The area of the City of Bijeljina can be considered as a very pleasant for organized and quality living. Being aware of the situation in which we find ourselves because of long degradation of nature and disturbance of living space, we are obliged to design and build an important step in creating the conditions and environment for a decent living.

The City of Novi Sad, as well as other cities of this size, encounters with plethora of environmental problems.
The City Administration is committed to conscientious and responsible environmental management, practices and stewardship in all aspects of its activities to make it became the place by the citizens we serve.My vision is to help the City of Novi Sad to became safe, healthy, attractive, vibrant and sustainable community.

Bearing the label of a former industrial city with lots of industrial facilities situated in the very city centre, when the environment in the city was not in such a good state as it is now, we are extremely aware of the importance of good and healthy environment. Therefore, the vision of the city development is strongly interconnected with obtaining and retaining a good status of the environment. The City of Rijeka takes care of environmental protection throughout urban planning as well as other instruments of environmental protection. We consider environmental protection to be one of the key elements of citizens' well being and their satisfaction with living in Rijeka.