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Environmental Local Authorities InterBalkan Network - ELAIN

City of Rijeka Mayor - Mr. Vojko Obersnel

Bearing the label of a former industrial city with lots of industrial facilities situated in the very city centre, when the environment in the city was not in such a good state as it is now, we are extremely aware of the importance of good and healthy environment. Therefore, the vision of the city development is strongly interconnected with obtaining and retaining a good status of the environment. The City of Rijeka takes care of environmental protection throughout urban planning as well as other instruments of environmental protection. We consider environmental protection to be one of the key elements of citizens' well being and their satisfaction with living in Rijeka.


The proper environmental protection should be guaranteed following prescribed legal regulations, but also taking into account local specificities and conserving local values. Through developmental plans and programmes, we also take into account the citizens' opinion and strongly support their participation in environmental questions ensuring public debates, open questions to the Mayor, e-Consultations and other aspects of public participation of the citizens. Therefore, in this field, we find the participation in the ELAIN project to be very useful and helpful.

The ELAIN project would help us build stronger bonds between citizens and local government in way to encourage the citizens to participate more in environmental questions. Naturally, exchanging good practice, as well as establishing new ones with the cities sharing common problems and issues, would inevitably bring in new perspectives and solutions for public participation practice in environmental questions.

We have to say that the City of Rijeka is very pleased to be a part of the ELAIN project. As a city, forming part of the new EU member, we find participation in this project constructing, beneficial and encouraging for further projects regarding environmental protection and other EU funding projects.