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Environmental Local Authorities InterBalkan Network - ELAIN

City of Novi Sad Mayor - Mr. Miloš Vučević

The City of Novi Sad, as well as other cities of this size, encounters with plethora of environmental problems.
The City Administration is committed to conscientious and responsible environmental management, practices and stewardship in all aspects of its activities to make it became the place by the citizens we serve.My vision is to help the City of Novi Sad to became safe, healthy, attractive, vibrant and sustainable community.


The City in which the air and water are clean, the buildings are energy efficient, the landscaping is both functional and attractive, the children walk or ride their bikes to school, the landfill is less full, the shops are within walking distance, the homes are safe, the access to healthy food and economic opportunity is balanced, and the streets are welcoming to cars, walkers, cyclists and users of mass transit. Establishing a balance between the natural and built environment is critical to the success of this vision.

Novi Sad pay a special attention for improving green spaces in urban areas, the Strategy for the Development of green spaces of the City of Novi Sad is in preparation and it will give guidance on how to Novi Sad becomes sustainable "green city" with a network of high-quality and attractive green space.

In the course of solving environmental issues an important role has preparation of spatial planning documents with the development of the strategic assessment of the environmental impact.

It's notably to pay a special attention for developing and coordinating the City’s Municipal Development Plan and Environmental Strategic Plan, and implement city-wide biodiversity management strategies and public engagement programs.

Cooperation on this Project is very important to City because it opens new horizons for implementing good practices of the local environmental strategy from city partners in this project.

It's honor to be a part of Project like this which gives good starters for implementing European laws and practices in our administration.