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Environmental Local Authorities InterBalkan Network - ELAIN

City of Bijeljina Mayor - Mr. Mićo Mićić

Mayor’s vision regarding City urban planning and environmental protection, as well as opinion on cooperation in the project "ELAIN"

Our presents as well as our future are determined by the global challenges, and answer to them is existence of its own vision.

The area of the City of Bijeljina can be considered as a very pleasant for organized and quality living. Being aware of the situation in which we find ourselves because of long degradation of nature and disturbance of living space, we are obliged to design and build an important step in creating the conditions and environment for a decent living.


Therefore, we want that our City and the entire area of ​​the City of Bijeljina, be abound with large green areas, planted with trees, and by the well-maintained roads. With the areas for recreation which are spread out in urban areas and in the peripheral parts of the city, with jogging paths connected in a single unit, and that set the forest complex.

We want that the city and all urban areas are covered by the sewerage network that ends with treatment plants which release completely purified water.

Heating network, based on the use of renewable energy from district heating covers urban areas, so that in winter there is no smoke from the single boiler and residential buildings. Chimneys on industrial plants have adequate cleaners so they do not affect air pollution.

The traffic was diverted by beltways in the city, while the public auto garage and bike paths were built in the city.  

The City of Bijeljina regulated treatment of municipal solid waste by constructing Regional Sanitary Landfill, the solid waste which pre-selects, and that within the plant has a system for the treatment of hazardous waste.

All production and economic activity has its own treatment plant for purifying liquid components of the production process (such as various chemicals and mineral oil).

All streams in the city of Bijeljina are cleaned, sorted and brought for the purpose of sports fishing, while the wooded shore.

The development of agriculture is based on the use of environmental chemicals in the production process and thus agricultural areas are adapted to the production of healthy food which should be exported to foreign markets.

Industrial and residential buildings shall be constructed only on land not suitable for agricultural production.

The city extends to the periphery constructing residential and commercial buildings with associated infrastructure, parking lots, parks, sports fields and swimming pools.

All educational institutions conduct education in the field of environmental protection and thus lead to raising environmental awareness.

Non-governmental organizations are organizing scientific lectures and taking concrete actions that will lead to the improvement of the protection of the environment.

Our city is trying to build its future in the spirit of the rich traditions and, at the same time, to meet the demands of the modern era. For that reason we expect from the people who run our city to successfully continue with started activities that will contribute significantly to environmental protection and sustainable development of the City of Bijeljina.

Participation of the City of Bijeljina within the "ELAIN" project can help us, above all, that through getting to know the problems and ways of their solving acquire the necessary skills that can be applied practically in our city, and without endangering the environment in which we live.