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Environmental Local Authorities InterBalkan Network - ELAIN

City of East Sarajevo Mayor - Mr. Nenad Samardžija

THE CITY OF EAST SARAJEVO, It is located in central and east part of Bosnia and Herzegovina with population about 90 thousand.

The city of East Sarajevo is unique for its big territory. The City has a lot of natural resources, farmlands, forest lands, potentials for tourism, industrial capacities, human resources, and because all of that East Sarajevo has much more to offer than many other municipalities in wider region. The University of East Sarajevo in following time should become in charge of creating strategic and spatial plans, since this university right now has about 10 000 students.


Tourism here represents one strategic economy branch, because this area has huge touristic potential. Even there are a lot of possibilities for development for tourism because high natural potential, in this area tourism is the most developed in municipality Pale, and winter tourism at mountain Jahorina. Also there are mountains Romanija, Ozren, Trebević, Devetak, which are rich with drinking water sources, and rivers Miljacka, Prača, Bioštica and Rakitnica have a lot of fish. A lot of resorts, forests, mountains and caves are real pearl in untouched nature. The city is doing everything to preserve and protect these natural recourses by solving problems of waste disposal, protection of sources, organizing areas for recreation in nature… etc. That is why we are included in ELAIN program, to exchange experiences in the field of environmental protection, and to introduce to others problems that we are facing. The team of people that is involved in this program together with citizens will do anything to preserve and protect environment in this region, and they will use meetings of partner cities and local meetings to pursue this goal.

Many manifestations are dedicated to promotion and preservation of natural resources, and those are:

“Jahorinafest”- International festival of short movie from field of ecology,

“Đurđevdanski Uranak”-Manifestation of poets and mountaineers,

“Gastrofest”, “Trpeza Ljubavi”-Production and branding of healthy food,

At the moment the city is working on new spatial plan with focus on construction of industrial and business zones, production of energy from renewable sources, improvement of energetic efficiency…etc.

The city of East Sarajevo, together with the city of Sarajevo won candidacy for organization of European Youth Olympic Festival in 2017, winter edition (EYOF), where is expected to participate about 2000 competitors. This will contribute to promotion of touristic potentials in this region.