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Environmental Local Authorities InterBalkan Network - ELAIN

Vedrana Petrović Valentić, City of Rijeka

The Second International Event within the "ELAIN - Environmental Local Authorities InterBalkan Network'', was held in ethno – village Stanišići near the City of Bijeljina , Bosnia and Herzegovina from November 4th - November 6th 2014.

The main topics were:

  • The floods (how to prevent and react on floods),
  • Environmental decisions/ policies with public participation
  • Conclusions from second local event,
  • Submission of concrete proposals for cooperation, taking into consideration the framework agreed at the first international event

In May Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina were terribly affected by floods. From partner cities, Bijeljina was seriously affected. Forty percent of the city and surrounding area was flooded. City of Bijeljina released a short video in which participants could see the horrors that affected the town and the surrounding villages in May of 2014.

Participants presented their cities issues in relation to this type of disaster, and spoke about other given topics.

The city of Rijeka presented its two main natural resources; Adriatic Sea, River Rječina and two main water threats; floods and sea level rising. Operational management of flood risks and immediate procedure of flood defense are regulated with State flood defense Plan and Main Plan of procedures for flood is regulated by National Institution Hrvatske vode according to Water act.

In the past (1898) floods were very often in the City and surrounding area. Recently there were no dangerous threats by the river Rječina which is significantly contributed to the construction of accumulation and better proclamation of Flood defense. Unfortunately there are no defense measures for sea level rising.

Regarding to environmental decisions with public participation there are E-consultations via internet, various topics on public hearing. In course are Adoption of Noise Action Plan (public participation in defining quiet zones) and definition of locations for separate waste collection bins.

In the near future there is Waste Management Plan.

Regarding on second Local Event in Rijeka there was presented Conclusions of 1st International ELAIN Conference in Tirana.

Also there were discussion about Waste Management Issues – separate waste collection, awareness rising.

Propositions for further collaboration

•        Waste Management – Raising Awareness about Separate Waste Collection

•        Electromagnetic Pollution – Establishing Common Methodology for Monitoring

After the presentation of participating cities, there was a short workshop and roundtable discussion about the further development of the project ELAIN. The official opinion of the City Rijeka is that any kind of exchange of knowledge and experience is welcomed.

During our stay in City of Bijeljina we attended Joint Environmental Activity, visit to places of environmental interest: Municipal Landfill ‘’Eko dep’’, Eco Centre ‘’Jezera’’ and Coast of River Drina.

Vedrana Petrović Valentić, Communal company “Water-supply and sewage treatment” Rijeka