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Environmental Local Authorities InterBalkan Network - ELAIN

Tanja Saulig Brajdić, City of Rijeka

City of Rijeka has found Second International Event of ELAIN project in Bijeljina very beneficial and constructive throughout collaboration between partners within the project. Sharing the knowledge and exchanging experience about common problems give us feeling that we are not alone in coping with environmental challenges that are complex and variant.

Joint participation of local authorities, institutions, NGO's and citizens is prerequisite for solving environmental problems and issues, especially on local level. International conference gives opportunity for each stakeholder segment to find their match in project partners and exchange "know-how" and best practices. Altogether we can found many good ways to interact and collaborate about possible solutions to the greatest environmental problems (e.g. waste, wastewater treatment, nature protection, air pollution etc.) and then transfer the outcomes on the local level.

The Second International Event of ELAIN project in Bijeljina, gave also City of Rijeka insight in full extent of disaster caused by flood on the example of City of Bijeljina. From experience of Bijeljina we learned lesson we could not nowhere else posing the questions to ourselves "What are we doing to our environment?" and "What can be done to prevent climate change?"

Tanja Saulig Brajdić, City of Rijeka