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Environmental Local Authorities InterBalkan Network - ELAIN

Banousis Dimitris, PESYDAP's special consultant

It is generally recognized that the development potential of a region is enhanced through partnerships that are being promoted. Therefore local government authorities are investing in the establishment of international cooperation arcs in order to highlight and overcome common development problems. Especially in the current context, that is characterized by the presence of the economic crisis and the decline of environmental interest, the need for strategic partnerships is maximized.

The Environmental Local Authorities Interbalkan Network (ELAIN) was built according to the abovementioned reasoning. It began as a dialogue platform between its members and evolved into a EU funded project. The collective work and the cooperative development approach was rewarded by the EU and its financial tool “Europe for citizens”. This is a reason to be proud of.

Another reason to be proud of is the demonstrated common will as a key element toface the bureaucratic obstacles and the different procedural approaches of the participating partners. Additionally the introduction of participatory planning and the inclusion of civil society in the procedure of shaping the direction of the project and its final outcomes enriches the cooperation.

ConclusivelyELAIN reflects the participants strategic choice to abandonan isolated status in the environmental field and to invest in a long lasting cooperation, that may be specialized in the near future.

Banousis Dimitris

PESYDAP’s special consultant

ELAIN’s project manager