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Environmental Local Authorities InterBalkan Network - ELAIN

The Second International Event in Bijeljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Date: 03.11.2014 – 06.11.2014

Place: Bijeljina (BIH)

Participants: 67


  • To identify persistent and emerging common environmental issues from the ELAIN project perspective
  • To assess the progress that has been made in the adopted environmental cooperation platform
  • To highlight the best practices of environmental management
  • To ensure public access to information
  • To ensure the participation of citizens in the decision – making procedure
  • To contribute to EU integration
  • To explore new cooperation opportunities


Plenary session

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The second International Event in Bijeljina was enriched thematically by including and highlighting the evaluation of civil protection policies. The thematic expansion of the project was based on the ecological disaster that occurred in the Balkans due to heavy rains that occurred in 2014. In this context, the plenary session was focused on:

(a) The presentation of partner’s mechanisms for prevention and response to flooding phenomena, in response to the environmental disaster that occurred in the Balkans because of heavy rains. By the above-mentioned approach the conditions of exchange of best practices and the diffusion of expertise were satisfied.

(b) The presentation of partner’s new environmental policies with reference to the group of environmental problems, which opted delegations of the 1st International Event. By the above-mentioned approach the objectives of highlighting the best practices of environmental management and the exploration of new cooperation opportunities were met.

(c) The presentation of the results of 2nd Local Activities. Thereby the condition of public access to environmental information and public participation in the decision - making procedure was satisfied.

(d) The submission of specific proposals for cooperation, taking into consideration the framework that was agreed at the 1st International Event. Thereby the condition of the viability of ELAIN is being satisfied.

Media session

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Extraversion activity in order to diffuse the project objectives to the citizens.

Environmental activities

  • Inspections in the urban environment of the municipality of Bijeljina. Participants were informed about the actions carried out by stakeholders in response to natural disasters
  • Visiting activity in environmentally degraded areas and places of environmental interest and combined with actions, in which actively participated the civil society. Besides that, the aim of European cohesion to environmental background, which is promoted by implementation of the project, is to strengthen the dialogue between all levels of government, civil society and business, in order to discuss the European rights and shape the vision for Europe in 2020
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