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Environmental Local Authorities InterBalkan Network - ELAIN

The Third International Event in Athens, Greece - Pesydap

Date: 06.04.2015 – 08.04.2015

Place: Athens (GRE)

Participants: 121


  • To identify persistent and emerging common environmental issues from the ELAIN project perspective
  • To assess the progress that has been made in the adopted environmental cooperation platform
  • To highlight the best practices of environmental management
  • To ensure public access to information
  • To ensure the participation of citizens in the decision – making procedure
  • To contribute to EU integration
  • To explore new cooperation opportunities
  • To ensure ELAIN project viability


Plenary session


The third international conference in Athens was focused on the evaluation of environmental policies and the possibility of incorporating them in the strategic planning of the partners.

In this context, the section focused on:

  • a) The evaluation of environmental policies that were adopted by the City - partners in the frame of the 1st International Events' adopted environmental cooperation platform. By the above-mentioned approach the objectives of highlighting the best practices of environmental management, exploring of new cooperation opportunities, following – up and ensuring the project’s viability, were met.
  • b) The presentation of the results of the 3rd Local Activities. Thereby the condition of public access to environmental information and public participation in the decision - making procedure was satisfied.

Working Group Session


Meeting of the scientific projects forefront aimed at ensuring the viability of the project and the planning of its scientific direction.

Media Session

Extra version activity in order to diffuse the project objectives to the citizens.

Environmental activities

- Tree planting activity at Dionysiou Areopagitou (Foot of the Acropolis). Symbolic energy for combined promotion of the natural and cultural assets.

- Visiting place of natural and cultural reserve – the intactpart of naturein themiddle of the city - the Acropolis hill walking tour

- Visiting the eco-friendly and sustainable building of the NewAcropolis Museum KST6857

- Visiting places of environmental, natural and cultural interest

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