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Environmental Local Authorities InterBalkan Network - ELAIN

Sofia, 3rd Local Activity

On 16.03.2015, at13.00pm Sofia Municipality held the Third Local Event, in the frame of ELAIN project.The meeting was attended by representatives of the city administration, academics, NGOs and citizens.

The event was opened by thethe director of “Municipal lands, forests, water bodies and environmentDirectorate, Sofia Municipality, Mrs. Nina Makarova, who presented the objectives of the local event.

At the meeting were presented the results of the second international meeting, that was held in Bijeljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina, from 3rd to 6th November 2014, identified good practices in solving of specific problems, related to the local environment, including flood protection.

A presentation was made for the environmental policy of the Sofia Municipality for flood protection, restoration of biodiversity, reducing the population of stray animals and waste management.


Proposals of the other municipalities involved in the international event in Bijeljina, related to the air purity monitoring system, flood protection and waste management, were discussed.

At the end of the meeting to the attendees were presented and the conclusions, made during the “round table” at the meeting in Bijeljina, where project partners discussed proposals for a joint project for creating a network of natural and cultural protected areas at local level.In this regard, to the participants in the meeting were shown Natura 2000 sites on the territory of Sofia Municipality, landmarks, opportunities for development of ecological and cultural tourism and its benefits for the local population.The proposed by partners specific sites for inclusion in such a network were also reviewed: Mount Egaleo (Athens), Rjecina canyon (Rijeka), Fruska Gora (Novi Sad), Drina river (Bijeljina), Suva Planina (Nis), Eco zones (East Sarajevo).The lack of enough information about these objectswas reported as weakness.At the meeting it was emphasized  that there are possibilities for funding under the different programs of EU policies for protection of biodiversity.

The eventwas closed by Mrs. Nina Makarova, who emphasized that with the fulfillmentof the objectives and priorities of the ELAIN project, existing problems and the found solutions will be puton a new environmental, social, cultural and communicationlevel, using innovative ideas and approaches.