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Environmental Local Authorities InterBalkan Network - ELAIN

Nis, 3rd Local Activity

The City of Niš and The Environmental Association of Municipalities of Athens and Piraeus (PE.SY.D.A.P.), signed the Memorandum of Understanding on Interbalkan Cooperation for the Environment.The first result of this cooperation is the joint realization of the project “Environmental Local Authorities Interbalkan Network”, ELAIN, having a goal to identify challenges in environmental protection and seek the best solution for the local environmental problems.

The third local meeting within the project was held on March 27, 2015 at 14.00 in the City of Niš Administration premises. At the third local meeting we presented the review of our past activities from two international meetings and the third meeting was announced that will be held in Athens, Greece (April 6-9, 2015).

The results of participation are analyses of the status of the environment, identification of problems in environmental protection field that the partner cities are facing and defining the ways how to address the priority issues. It was pointed out that the project has enabled better cooperation with Local self-governments of parter cities, NGOs and volunteers involved in environmental issues. Of great importance are also the information on problems and way to overcome them in the project partner cities.

The Conference in Athens is the final stage of the project, and the City of Niš Team will at the 3rd Work Group meeting present the improvement achieved in environmental issues in comparison to what was presented at the 1st Work Team meeting in Tirana. At the 3rd local meeting the proposal to raise the Project to the higher level was positively assessed –by signing of a declaration on further cooperation, by giving legal status to ELAIN network and by making the ELAIN certificate.