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Environmental Local Authorities InterBalkan Network - ELAIN

Tirana, 3rd Local Activity

We organised the Third Local Event on Friday , 25 March at a local business conference room. At the meeting participated representatives from environmental NGO’s, independent field experts and experts from the Municipality of Tirana.

The main discussions were focused on the most concerning environmental problems of the city of Tirana, such as : Air Pollution , Water Pollution , Energy Efficiency , Noise Pollution , Stray dogs care etc.  More specific discussions were focused on Tirana Artificial Lake status, River of Tirana project, increase of bicycle lanes, Energy efficiency, etc.

Achievements and the improvements on the environment were brought to attention, such as the air quality, which has had a significant improvement in the last years. All the experts agreed that there is still much work to do, environmental issues are still present immediate measures are needed.