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Environmental Local Authorities InterBalkan Network - ELAIN

PESYDAP's 4th Local Activity

PESYDAP's 4th Local Activity was organized at 20.04.2015. Local stakeholders that participated in the Local  Activity  evaluated  the  results  of  the  3rd  International  Event.  Additionally, opinions were expressed regarding to the performance of PESYDAP as a partner - leader and  to  the  viability  of  the  environmental  network.  Conditions  of  public  access  to  environmental  information,  public  participation  in  the  decision  - making  procedure  and  follow  up  were  ensured  as  well.
Summarizing, the participants

(a) Welcomed the excellent organization, the exemplary coordination of the  international delegations and the production of effective scientific work
(b) Thanked the City - partner's
Mayors and staff for their commitment to making the project successful.
(c) Evaluated good environmental policy practices and examined the prospects of incorporating them into PESYDAP's strategic planning.
(d) Declared their will to support the network and ensure its viability.

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