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Environmental Local Authorities InterBalkan Network - ELAIN

At 02.10.2014 PESYDAP organized successfully its 2nd Local  Working  Group  Meeting. In this context, local stakeholders assessed the  results   of   the   1st   International   Event.  Additionally,   opinions   were   expressed  regarding to the direction  of the environmental network and to the index  of the next  International  event’s agenda  and  its  objectives. Especially, the comments that were made by representatives of  countries partner's Embassies provided added value in the approach.

Emphasis was given to civil protection policies. The reasoning was linked to flooding phenomena, in response to the environmental disaster that occurred  in  the  Balkans  because  of  heavy  rainfalls.

Conditions  of  public  access  to  environmental information and public  participation in the decision - making procedure  were  ensured  as  well.  The  2nd  Local Activity was  covered  by  local  media  and  therefore  the  conditions  of  raising  environmental  awareness  among  the  general public and the dissemination of the project ’ s goals were satisfied.

On July 9th 2014, in Rijeka was held the second local event of ELAIN project with representatives from utility companies, associations and NGO's involved in environmental protection (KD Vodovod i kanalizacija, KD Čistoća, KD Energo, Žmergo).

On the second local event were presented the conclusions from The first International event in Tirana, as well as involvement in the City of Rijeka in it.

After that, local environmental problems were presented with accent on waste management of households. As the deadline for the separate waste collection of households is approaching, the discussion was based on solutions how to involve citizens in solving the problem and raise awareness among citizens about importance of separate waste collection in households.

The information was published on the web site: http://www.rijeka.hr/DrugiLokalniSastanakElain

Second local meeting, within the project ELAIN, was held on Thursday, 24th of July 2014., in the City Assembly of Novi Sad.

The idea for this meeting, organized by the City Administration for Environmental Protection, was to conjunct two projects whit similar goals.

City of Novi Sad is currently working on creating Environmental Protection Program for the City of Novi Sad. In this phase of creating the Program we identify problems in the fields of environmental protection. Since these problems are also very important for project ELAIN we presented them to participants and had open discussion. The next step is finding best solutions for these problems through goals that we set together.

Within the European Union program "Europe for Citizens 2013", Municipality of Tirana has become part of the “ELAIN – Interbalkan Network of Environmental Local Authorities” project. ELAIN overall objective is to identify common environmental challenges, exchange best practices, monitoring of results, attracting the attention of the public and ultimately the development of a Memorandum of Understanding on Environmental compliance with the European framework. The project has 8 municipalities’ partners from 6 countries in the region: Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia and Croatia.

On July 29, 2014, at the environmental association G & G Group offices in Tirana was held the Second Local in the framework of the project. On this meeting participated representatives from civil society, local government officials, etc. During the meeting they discussed a variety of environmental problems such as air pollution in Tirana, water pollution, energy efficiencies, noise pollution etc. More in-depth discussions were held for Energy Building Code, Status of Artificial Lake, the use of bicycles as an alternative movement, improving of public transport etc..

The meeting reconfirmed the validity of Positioning Letter, drafted in consultation with all stakeholders some months ago in "The Environmental Convent of Tirana - 2013".
ELAIN project provides organization of 3 international meetings. The first international meeting was held in Tirana on March 31-April 2 at 'Hotel Doro City', with the participation of 54 representatives from all municipalities of the project.

On the second local meeting on 15th August.2014, the participants were informed about problems which were presented on the first international meeting in Tirana,where The City of East Sarajevo participated and applied for certain projects from the field of environmental protection. The activities which the City took and applied,and which were discussed on the first local meeting in The City of East Sarajevo are supported. On the first meeting was also discussed about catastrophic floods which made great disaster and problems on these theritories. Having this in mind,it was suggested that one of the next international meetings shoud pay special attention about floods prevention of people and material things,as well. Consequences of floods affected drinking water sources,plants and animals, enviroment in general. Water streams moved many mine fields which have to be located and marked again. This adds additional expanses on local community budget. Many projects are preparied after the floods and they aimed to repair the damage and to apply at the  international community  and fonds of solidarity.

Meeting of the representatives of the City of Niš, NGOs and volunteers engaged in environmental issues, as a second step in the implementation of the project titled ELAIN - Enviromental Local Authorities Interbalkan Network, was held in the City Administration premises on October 9, 2014.

The objective of the second meeting was to present the results achieved in solving the problems in the period between the first and the second local meeting and the ways to solve the environmental problems defined at the first meeting.

The defined priority problems are: waste management, waste waters, air pollution, noise.

In City of Bijeljina 17.10.2014. in the Great Hall of the City Administration was held Second local meeting - Environmental Local Authorities Interbalkan Network (ELAIN).

The meeting was attended by a large number of participants, which included representatives of City of Bijeljina, representatives of public institutions (Regional Landfill "EKO-DEP" Bijeljina , A.D "Water and Sewerage" Bijeljina (A.D. “VODOVOD I KANALIZACIJA” Bijeljina)), representatives of non-governmental organizations ("Eco Way" (“Eko put”), "Center of Civil Initiative" (“Centar civilnih inicijativa”), “Vermont") and a large number of Volunteers and Students involved in Environmental events in the City of Bijeljina.

The meeting brought together a Group of Citizens, representatives of Non-Governmental Organizations and Volunteers and Students, through discussion, identify the problems arising due to Floods in May of 2014., the problems facing the City Administration in addressing them, then the attitude of the people who actively participate in the entire process of the project as well as the exchange of experiences with the First International Event in Tirana (March - April 2014 year).

The participants of meeting as meet with Second International Event, which will be held in City of Bijeljina (Ethno-Village "Stanisic" 04.-06.11.2014.), At which involved 62 participants from the partner Cities and 9 participants from the City of Bijeljina.

It was agreed that the way the City of Bijeljina present the consequences of the Floods that occurred in this area in May this year, which have great ecological significance to the entire area affected by the floods. The public is aware of the joint activities of the Second International Event, a tour of flooded areas of vital ecological importance (Regional Landfill "EKO-DEP," Ecological Research Center "Jezera").

1-st Local Event Tirana – Report

We organised the First Local Event on Wednesday 12 March at G&G Group office , a local NGO focused on Environmental Policies.  At the meeting participated representants from environmental NGO’s, from other Communes (Local Government Bodies) around the city of Tirana, and from the Municipality of Tirana. The main discussions were focused on the most concerning environmental problems of the city of Tirana, such as : Air Pollution , Water Pollution , Energy Efficiency , Noise Pollution , Care for abandoned dogs, etc.  More specific discussions were focused on Application of Buildings Energy Code , Tirana Artificial Lake status , use of bicycles as an alternative way of transport etc. The Local Event reconfirmed the “Position Paper” on environmental topics, that all the environmetnal stakeholders had approuved on a previeus round table called ‘’Environmental Conference of Tirana -  Kuvendimi Mjedisor i Tiranes ‘’ hold on the Earth Day last year in Tirana.

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