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The municipality of NoviSad
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The municipality of Novi Sad, Serbia

 The City of Novi Sad

The City of Novi Sad is the administrative, economic, cultural, tourist and scientific centre of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina and the second largest city in the Republic of Serbia.

Location on the major road and railway routes, as well as waterways, provides significant competitive advantages to the Novi Sad City. It is in the centre of a highway network, connecting North-eastern and Eastern Europe with the Middle and Far East, as well as Central and Northern Europe with the Adriatic Sea ports.

The city is situated on the European Corridor 10 which connects eight countries on its main route from Salzburg to Thessaloniki, and another six countries with its side routes. The European Corridor 7, or the Danube River waterway, connects Western European countries to the Black Sea.

According to the last census conducted in 2011, the city is populated with 341.625 inhabitants.

Environmental challenges which the Novi Sad City encounters with are:

  1. air pollution,
  2. environmental noise,
  3. lack of waste water treatment plant,
  4. lack of sewerage system in most of the suburbs,
  5. lack of sanitary landfill,
  6. a small percentage of greenery in the urban area.

Spatial planning, with the strategic assessment of the environmental impact, is of great importance to environmental issues.

Some strategic documents, such as Economic Development Strategy with an action plan, Regional and Local waste management plan, have been adopted, as a basis for solving environmental problems.

In order to solve the noise problem, for the part of the city, a strategic noise map has been worked out, as a basis for the development of the Action Plan for environmental noise.

The City Administration pay a special attention to the greenery improvement, and preparation of the Strategy for the Improvement of green spaces is under way.

The development of Environment programme is in progres, which will provide clearly defined environment strategy, with established long-term, medium-term and short-term activities, and Action plan for implementation of the Program will define priority actions, time frames and necessary funds.