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Environmental Association
Pesydap, Greece
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Environmental Association of Municipalities of Athens and Piraeus



The Environmental Association of Municipalities of Athens - Piraeus (PESYDAP) is the biggest Greek local government body that emphasizes in providing environmental services to its 18 Municipality – members. More specific PESYDAP covers an area of 103,754 total acres with a population of 1,163,625 inhabitants in the Attica Region. It has been established since 1983 as a Public Entity and includes the following member municipalities in the Attica region: Acharnes, Agia Varvara, Agioi Anargyroi - Kamatero, Athens, Chaidari, Egaleo, Fyli, Keratsini - Drapetsona, Kifissia, Korydallos, Moschato - Tauros, Nea Smyrni, Nea Philadelphia - Chalcedona, Nikaia - Ag.I.Rentis, Piraeus, Perama, Peristeri and Salamina. Its purpose is to study the problems of intermunicipal areas that is been covered by its municipalities – members, to provide advisory on environmental issues and accomplish studies, projects and research programs related to the environment. Additionally PESYDAP is responsible for the protection of the Mount Egaleo in the Attica Region.


Traffic Transportation

The wider area of Piraeus is characterized by traffic pressures, due to the operation of the port and main units of primary, secondary and tertiary sectors. Major roads, like avenue Lambrakis and Ralli Petrou receive significant traffic volume.

Disturbing industries - crafts

In the wider area of Piraeus are spotted 2,200 units disturbing the various production sectors, the most important branches of ship repair, tanneries, energy production, waste water treatment of metal plating.

Urban environment

From the studies done in the '90s the ratio of green space per inhabitant in the area of Piraeus is just 1,5 - 2,8 m / capita.

PESYDAP’s Developmental Strategy 2013-14

The developmental strategy of PESYDAP is part of an overall framework of perception that is modern, flexible and radical and provides an active role to the local community and stakeholders.

Investing in sustainable development policy, PESYDAP is specializing its action – plans. One of the most important ones is the action plan of revivaling the Mount Εgaleo, which is the last physical inventory of degraded western region of Athens, by planning to implement the pilot project: “Creation of a Photovoltaic Park at the location of Lakomata Schisto at Perama".

Project description: Medium voltage transmission lines are near the location of Lakomata (50 meters), so the process of interconnecting an electricity station with the local electricity network will be immediate and cheap. Furthermore, the access to this location through the existing local road network is immediate, so the material transportation to the installations will be facilitated.

This area is an industrial zone and the industrial park, a garbage transhipment station and containers- storerooms are found 200 to 300 meters far from the location of Lakomata. The conditions above show that this area is environmentally downgraded and that the possible use of this location for cultural or other social activities is prohibitive. The area was being used as a place of uncontrolled waste disposal and scientific researches present it as uninhabitable for at least 1,000 years, because of the huge amount of radioactive phosphoplaster. The area is outside the city limits and it does not disturb or affect the environment. The photovoltaic park under investigation will be 25,000 square meters in extent and 1 MWp in power and it will be connected to the local electricity network. The future perspective is for the park to be expanded to the rest 125,000 square meters and the power to exceed 3 MWp.

The photovoltaic generator consists of 4640 frames, each having power of 215 W, voltage of 42,0 V and electric intensity of 5,12 A. The number of frames in a row is 16 and the number of rows in parallel connection is 290, that is 16x 290=4640. The frames will be placed in inclination 30◦ facing the south. Finally, medium voltage transformers transfer the alternating current to the neighboring electricity network.

With the implementation of this project PESYDAP is protecting public health and the environment.