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The municipality of Sofia
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The municipality of Sofia, Bulgaria

The City of Sofia

The Environmental policyand top priorities in achieving the environmental objectivesof Sofia Municipality

Sofia is the Capital and largest city in Bulgaria with its nearly 1.3 million residents. Center of the political, cultural and business life of the country, Sofia is a lively and vibrant city, but in the same time pleasantly surprises with the unexpected for a big metropolis cosy atmosphere. Protected by several mountains, Sofia enjoys a mild temperate climate and Vitosha mountain is its ornament and privilege that few capitals in the world can boast of.

With its seven thousand years of history, the city is one of the most ancient human settlements on the European continent, and its numerous historical and architectural monuments keep messages from the wisdom of centuries of cultural experience. The abundance of religious antiquities and monuments combines nicely with a number of concert halls, art galleries, clubs, discos, jazz and underground locales, offering a variety of pleasant experiences for all tastes and preferences.

With its image of a modern European capital with both the rich cultural heritage and the vibrant contemporary cultural life, the city is a candidate for the title European Capital of Culture for 2019 – one of the most prestigious and popular European cultural events.

The Environmental policy of Sofia Municipality is aimed at achieving the following objectives:

  1. Clean, green and beautiful urban environment;
  2. Storage and usage of water as a strategic resource for the city;
  3. Monitoring and control of the condition of the rivers;
  4. Reducing the emissions and noise within the environment;
  5. Improving the quality of air, water and soils;
  6. Increasing the energy efficiency;
  7. Reduction the number of stray animals.

Top priorities in achieving the described environmental objectives are:

  1. Construction of new and modern infrastructure and overall rehabilitation and maintenance in good condition of the existing one;
  2. Keeping and maintaining the green image of Sofia through afforestation, construction of new parks and renovation of existing ones;
  3. Realization of a project for Integrated System for Waste Tcomplete project, Sofia will have the most modern and environmentally friendly system for waste treatment in the country that provides a high percentage of recycling and low rate of waste disposal;
  4. Controlling the population of stray dogs by applying humane methods of castration, vaccination, deworming, and accommodation in Municipal shelters
  5. Expansion and reconstruction of the sewage network and water-conduits;
  6. Construction of local wastewater treatment plants;
  7. Implementation of projects for energy efficiency in commercial and residential buildings.